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UV applications for air disinfection

Air disinfection with UVC enables a broad spectrum of very effective measures. You can significantly reduce the bacterial count in the supply and recirculated air in air ducts and air handling units through built-in modules such as KMD 40.

Integrated and add-on modules for evaporators ensure hygienic surfaces and cooling fins combined with a room air disinfection. In addition to air conditioning, recirculation units assist with constant germ reduction in production, ripening, and storage rooms from 0 - 40° C with a separate ventilation. In contrast, ceiling and wall devices use air convection of the rooms for their air disinfecting function.

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CE marked

Some certifications and validations are applicable only to certain products within this range, please consult the product datasheets.

Product Applications

  • HVAC
  • Evaporators
  • Cooling coils
  • Air ducts
  • Air coolers
  • Recirculation devices
  • Upper air
  • Storage rooms and warehouses
  • Drying rooms
  • Cold stores
  • Cooling towers
  • Spiral cooling & freezing



UVpro FM flange modules are ideal for installation on container walls in storage and water containers, tanks, and basins. It is an allrounder due to the variety of possible applications, the high reliability, and the simple assembly.


UVpro TS

UVpro TS units prevent biofilm formation and disinfect process water in humidifiers, air washers, and cooling towers. This will effectively clean the water and keep it safe for use.



The UVpro WDS disinfection unit is perfect for laboratories, medical practices, and production rooms. Mounting the device on either the wall or ceiling is easy, and it has a reflector that can swivel 360° to provide optimal coverage.



The WDO series is ideal for reliable surface and room air disinfection. Laboratories, medical practices, and production rooms can mount these disinfection units on walls or ceilings for disinfecting purposes.



UVpro LBD for walls and ceilings is ideal for the reliable disinfection of air and surfaces. They are particularly suitable for use in cooling units and for the disinfection of cooling fins.



The FMT UVC disinfects the air and surfaces inside storage tanks. The unit is also suitable as a supplement to the disinfection of liquids utilizing a continuous flow reactor.



The UVpro LKV installed in the air cooler’s intake zone uniformly emits radiation to the cooling fins. This prevents the formation of biofilms on the fins and allows condensation to run off on its own.



The UVpro LKEB air cooler installation kits comprise pre-assembled disinfection units. This makes installation in industrial air coolers quick and efficient. The system features two lamps, a double ballast, and a stainless steel fitting system.



The UVpro KMD air duct devices have a specific design for installation as a first-time or upgrade option in both supply and exhaust air ducts.



UVpro V-Lab circulating air units ensure reliable air disinfection up to 100 m³/h. The device disinfects room air in laboratories, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, offices, or meeting rooms.  


UVpro V50 E

The V50 E is a more powerful version of the V50 and disinfects rooms up to 50 m³ /h with particularly high intensity.


UVpro V50

The V50 provides germ-reduced air in laboratories and small production or storage rooms up to 50 m³. You can easily disassemble this product model for cleaning or maintenance without requiring any tools.


UVpro V300

The UVpro air systems are ideal for disinfecting any room in industrial food production. They are also great and effective for small to medium-sized production rooms and cold storage areas.


UVpro V500

UVpro V500 circulating air systems are ideal for reliable disinfection of any larger rooms, up to 450 m³. Industrial food production facilities and event halls frequently use these systems.


UVpro V1000

The UVpro V1000 circulating air systems are perfect for disinfecting any industrial food production room up to 800 m². They are highly dependable and effective.


Spares & Accessories

Replace, upgrade or enhance your UV solution with original products. We guarantee you will get systems and components built to industry-leading specifications that will deliver remarkable performance and longevity.


With many thousands of systems supplied and installed worldwide we have an excellent track record of delivering quality and reliability and our continuing aim is to ensure that customers keep coming back to us when they need new UV systems, replacement parts or upgrades.

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We UV Care

Tailor-made aftermarket offering for UV system care. WeUvCare is our philosophy, it is how we support our customers for the life of their equipment. It encompasses our aftermarket offerings and packages to ensure vital care of the provided UV equipment.

WeUvCare was conceived to provide you with local support and to maximise your UV uptime. From technically qualified personnel and tailor-made spare part packages to training sessions and other upcoming products, we provide you with the care and support needed for your business and technical processes.

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