UV technology to disinfect your facility environment

As the manufacturer of all our own lamps, we have unique technical knowledge combined with comprehensive sector application expertise. This means every solution is specifically designed to overcome challenges within your environment.


Whether your business is industrial or municipal, we enable you to meet your market challenges in the best possible way. We offer innovative products and future-oriented solutions specific to your application and we call it our Application Optimized UV solutions.

  • Range name: PureLine
  • Industry: Food & Beverage

Aimed specifically at providing third party bioassayed UV treatment for product and process waters used in the food and beverage industry so you can be certain that the UV dose being produced will disinfect the water, eliminate harmful micro-organisms, protect against bio-fouling,

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  • Range name: PharmaLine
  • Industry: Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Pretreatment, generation storage and distribution of the PharmaLine range is applied in purified, highly purified water systems and WFI. Particularly suited to applications where chemical disinfection is not appropriate, UV’s flexibility means it can be applied in many parts of your water system depending on your design philosophy.

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  • Range name: ProLine
  • Industry: Municipal, Industrial, Agriculture

At higher doses, UV provides general treatment and at higher doses still it can provide virus protection, depending on your design philosophy. On some models built-in UVT compensation eliminates the need for a separate complex UVT monitoring instrument which makes it especially suitable for smaller communities, where ease of maintenance and initial capex are important criteria.

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  • Range name: RASLine
  • Industry: Aquaculture
Characterized by rapid growth, increasing stock densities and tighter environmental regulation, the need for a chemical-free disinfection process to control fish diseases and manage environmental impact has never been higher. Our RASLine range of Fish Farming UV solutions does just that. It protects your fish, your processes and the environment from harmful contamination without resorting to chemicals.
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  • Range name: SwimLine (Europe)
  • Industry: Pools & Leisure

UV treatment systems are the future of pool management, with numerous advantages over conventional chlorine systems. Switching to UV systems can provide pool owners with a better, healthier, and more cost-effective swimming experience.

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  • Range name: UV Swim (Americas)
  • Industry: Pools & Leisure

Our UV Swim and SwimLine ranges has been providing bather protection in the pool & leisure industry for over 30 years. Used as both a secondary treatment system and for the removal of Chloramines, a UV system is the ideal partner for a chlorinated pool.

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  • Range name: OpenLine
  • Industry: Municipal, Industrial, Power generation

Open channel UV is used predominantly by the municipal sector for wastewater treatment prior to discharge. The product is a Horizontal design for use in concrete or steel channels on Sewage treatment plants. Disinfect urban wastewater either for safe reuse or discharge to sensitive environments.

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  • Range name: TOCLine
  • Industry: Semiconductor & Microelectronics

Our TOCline ranges of Microelectronics sector UV solutions protects your products and processes from harmful contamination against bacteria, Chlorine and TOC without resorting to chemicals.

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  • Range name: UVpro Water
  • Industry: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Agriculture

The various possibilities of water purification results from the different design types. Pass-through reactors are installed in pipes and designed for specific flow rates. By contrast, immersion emitters such as the TS 40 combats biofilms on vessel walls combined with effective water treatment in the tank.

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  • Range name: UVpro Air
  • Industry: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Agriculture

Air disinfection with UVC enables a broad spectrum of very effective measures. Integrated and add-on modules for evaporators ensure hygienic surfaces and cooling fins combined with a room air disinfection.

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  • Range name: UVpro Surface
  • Industry: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Packaging Agriculture

UVC disinfection of surfaces ensures constant hygienic contact surfaces throughout the production day. Belts and rollers can be kept germ-free permanently during production.

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