Industrial and municipal applications

With increasing urbanisation and water stress the need for tertiary treatment and disinfection of waste water is growing, particularly for discharge to sensitive environments. UV technology is the preferred alternative to chlorination in the treatment and disinfection of wastewater.


Product Applications

  • Boilers
  • Generators
  • Process water
  • Wastewater disinfection prior to discharge to the environment
  • Reuse


OpenLine OLS 1.0

The municipal and industrial sectors mainly use the Open channel UV system to disinfect wastewater before releasing it.

ProLine WW IL

The ProLine WW IL lamps offer an economical solution for treating less critical applications that do not pose any risk to humans or the food chain. These lamps are small-scale, medium-pressure systems designed for this purpose.


Proline PQ WW IL

The ProLine PQ WW IL systems are compact and effective lamps that work well under various conditions. A third party has confirmed that they meet the NWRI standard, including dosage, flow, and UVT variables.


ProLine PQ WW AL

Our ProLine PQ WW AL UV systems are energy-efficient and use amalgam lamps to effectively treat wastewater for reuse purposes.



This is a compact and medium-pressure range product that comes with DVGW certification. Small to medium-sized communities with limited space can benefit from this system.


ProLine PQ IL

A compact medium-pressure range for use where space is tight for small to mid-sized communities. This range offers both USEPA and DVGW validations.


ProLine PQ EO

Our ProLine PQ EO UV systems aim to provide third-party validated UV treatment for drinking water.


ProLine PQ AL

Our Proline PQ AL UV systems provide efficient UV treatment for drinking water. We have developed a new system that combines several low-pressure lamp chambers, sensors, and intelligent control technology. This system automatically provides optimal treatment performance while operating with high efficiency.


ProLine PQ AF

The validated ProLine PQ AF system is an efficient solution that helps reduce chlorine usage. It also provides a cost-effective alternative when compared to membrane filtration systems or ozone.


UV in Wastewater industry

UV solutions specially designed for your market challenges.

- Wastewater treatment
- Sewage treatment
- Water service

Featured Products

ProLine PQ WW AL / Wastewater disinfection prior to discharge to the environment
NWRI-validated UV systems with low-energy, amalgam lamps optimised to deliver effective UV treatment for wastewater reuse.
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ProLine PQ WW IL / Wastewater disinfection prior to discharge to the environment
A range of compact medium pressure products for waste water disinfection.
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OpenLine / Wastewater disinfection prior to discharge to the environment
Open channel UV is used predominantly by the municipal sector for wastewater disinfection prior to discharge.
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