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Purifying water, air and surfaces in your building on a regular basis helps to avoid the transmission of germs that cause illnesses. Our full facility system is adaptable to a variety of settings, including offices, fitness centers, workplaces, depots, and community centers. As well as healthcare environments, the food and beverage industry, and other facilities where specific regulations and procedures apply.


Some pathogens are more difficult to eliminate or eradicate, necessitating a specialist UV application system. Our UV experts will assess your environment and recommend the best solution for you.

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  • Range name: InLine (IL)
  • Industry: ALL

The IL platform has a compact construction that fits directly in the pipe line and has multiple medium-pressure lamps perpendicular to flow ensures even dose distribution. The platform is particularly suitable for low UVT or high-dose applications.

It has USEPA and DVGW validations for drinking water for Cryptosporidium through to virus control; NWRI validation for wastewater; NVI validation for fish farming. The platform is available with UVTronic controller or Allan Bradley PLC with touch screen HMI.

  • Range name: UVEO (EO)
  • Industry: ALL

The UVEO medium-pressure platform is all about energy optimisation, saving 40% compared to earlier products. With its single medium pressure lamp design up to 24KW it ensures maximum efficiency and minimum operating costs. The innovative baffle ensure an even dose distribution and it has automatic wiping.

The system has USEPA validations for drinking water. It is optimised for high UVT, Allan Bradley PLC with touch screen control and validated to provide UVT compensation without the need for an external instrument.

  • Range name: Photon (PH)
  • Industry: ALL

The PH platform is well established with a long history of reliable service. The single to 8 lamp medium- pressure design is available in U or S shaped chambers. It has a simple PCB based control system, rugged transformer based power supply with a reputation for lasting a life time.

The platform also has automatic wiper, power stepping to 70% available to minimise power consumption and wet UV intensity sensor.

  • Range name: AF3
  • Industry: ALL

This platform provides single lamp amalgam from 140w to 600w with hygienic designs available. Dry DVGW style sensors for validated units allow on line sensor verification and it is suitable for high UVT low dose applications, ensuring also a low-energy consumption and high-energy efficiency.

  • Range name: AmaLine (AL)
  • Industry: ALL

The AmaLine platform is a multi-lamp amalgam range with 4 or 12 off 800 w lamps and unique flow spin design to a achieve an even dose with low pressure drop.

It also has USEPA and NWRI validation for drinking water and wastewater applications for Cryptosporidium, E Coli and virus control.

AmaLine is validated to provide UVT compensation without the need for an external instrument, with Allan Bradley touch screen control and high-efficiency design suitable for applications where energy efficiency is key.

  • Range name: UVpro BD2016-HD
  • Industry: ALL

UVpro BD2016-HD belt disinfection units are especially designed for the disinfection of surfaces of processing and transport conveyor belts, slicers and packaging machines in the food processing industry. The design consistently follows hygienic design and avoids hygienically problematic cavities. Contact surfaces constantly remain hygienic, cross-contaminations are prevented, bacteria, pathogenic germs, yeasts and moulds are killed during ongoing production. The UV-C lamps are approved for food production according to HACCP and IFS by a PTFE splinter protection.

  • Range name: UVpro TS
  • Industry: ALL

UVpro TS 40 immersion emitters are ideal for the reliable disinfection of water tanks in air humidifiers, air washers and cooling towers in compliance with VDI 6022. By positioning the device directly in the reservoir or in the return tank of the air conditioning system, the process water is effectively disinfected, microorganisms flushed out of the air are effectively killed and the formation of biofilms in the tank and on exposed surfaces is prevented. The UVpro TS series complies with IP68 and is made completely of stainless steel.

  • Range name: UVpro FM
  • Industry: ALL

UVpro FM flange modules are ideal for installation in air conditioning ducts, also retrofitted in already existing systems. It is an allrounder due to the variety of possible applications, the high reliability and the simple assembly.

The three-hole flange is mounted with a seal on the outside of the application area and the UV-C lamp is inserted into the water tank through a hole. As a result, there are no mechanical components within the effective range of the lamps. Maintenance is also carried out from the outside. The electronic ballast is encapsulated in the stainless steel square tube and complies with IP68.

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