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Urban water security is a complex concept involving the sustainable use of water, water supply security and public health risks. Although the hazards of toxic chemicals in water pose a significant safety risk, microbial hazards are more common. Microbial risk has become the most important aspect of drinking water quality on human health.

The secondary water supply of buildings, direct drinking water of commercial complexes and hotel bathing water are all based on drinking water as water sources. Because the water supply or building water storage can be extremely contaminated by bacteria and viruses such as E-Coli bacteria, legionella, and others, it is critical to use the appropriate UV application for your needs.

Our optimized UV solution can deliver reliable water security for buildings with air, surface and water supply, as an effective microbial control solution.

Building services


UVpro FMD​

UVPro FM flange modules are ideal for installation on container walls in storage and water containers, tanks and basins. It is an allrounder due to the variety of possible applications, the high reliability and the simple assembly.


UVpro TS​

UVpro TS units can be placed directly in the water tanks of humidifiers, air washers and cooling towers to disinfect the process water and prevent the formation of biofilms.


UVpro WDS​

The UVpro WDS disinfection unit is used in laboratories, medical practices and production rooms. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and has a 360° swivelling reflector.


UVpro WDO​

The WDO series is ideal for reliable surface and room air disinfection. The units are used in laboratories, medical practices and production rooms as disinfection units for ceiling or wall mounting.


UVpro LBD​

UVpro LBD wall and ceiling lamps are ideal for the reliable disinfection of air and surfaces and are particularly suitable for use in cooling units and for the disinfection of cooling fins.



FMDT UVC disinfector is specially designed for disinfecting air and surfaces in storage tanks. The unit is also suitable as a supplement to the disinfection of liquids by means of a continuous flow reactor.

UVpro LKV​

The UVpro LKV is mounted in the intake area of the air cooler and homogeneously radiates the cooling fins of the device. The formation of biofilms on the fins will be prevented and condensation can run off independently.



UVpro LKEB air cooler installation kits are pre-assembled disinfection units for quick installation in industrial air coolers. The system is completely equipped with two lamps, a double ballast and a stainless steel fitting system.


UVpro KMD​

Air Duct Module KMD enables simple installation of UVC technology in air ducts. The module consists of a square tube with two UVC tubes hold by stainless steel tube fittings and it is fastened to the floor or ceiling of the air conditioning duct with two holding brackets.


UVpro V-LAB​

UVpro V-Lab circulating air units ensure reliable disinfection of air up to 100 m³/h. The devices are specially designed for sensitive rooms such as laboratories, small production rooms, hospitals and doctors' surgeries, treatment rooms or waiting rooms. 


UVpro V50 E​

The V50 E is a more powerful version of the V50 and disinfects rooms up to 50 m³ /h with particularly high intensity.


UVpro V50​

The V50 provides germ-reduced air in laboratories and small production or storage rooms up to 50 m³. It can be easily disassembled for cleaning or maintenance purposes without tools.


UVpro V300​

UVpro V300 circulating air disinfectors are ideal for the reliable disinfection of any room in industrial food production, small to medium-sized production rooms and cold stores. 


UVpro V500​

V500 circulating air disinfectors are ideal for reliable disinfection of any room in industrial (food) production, event halls etc. with up to 450 m³.


UVpro V1000​

UVpro V1000 circulating air disinfectors are ideal for the reliable disinfection of any room in industrial food production with up to 800 m².


ProLine PQ EO​

Our ProLine PQ EO UV systems are aimed specifically at providing third-party validated UV treatment for Drinking Water.


PureLine PQ IL​

Our PureLine PQ IL systems are aimed specifically at providing third-party bioassayed UV treatment for product and process waters used in the food and beverage industry.


PureLine D AF​

Our PureLine D AF systems are aimed specifically at providing UV treatment for product and process waters used in the food and beverage industry.


Product Applications

  • HVAC
  • Air ducts
  • Air coolers
  • SARS COV-2
  • Water pathogen barrier
  • Wastewater disinfection prior to discharge to the environment

UV in Building Services industry

UV solutions specially designed for your market challenges.

- Hospitals & Clinics
- Offices & Commercial buildings
- Residential buildings
- Production facilities
- Construction sites

Featured Products

UVpro TS / Water disinfection in HVAC systems
UVpro TS systems disinfect the process water and prevent the formation of biofilms.
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UVpro LKEB / UVC hygiene for industrial air coolers
The LKEB air cooler installation kits are pre-assembled disinfection units for quick installation in industrial air coolers.
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ProLine PQ EO / Water pathogen barrier
Third-party validated system for the treatment of drinking water in high-rise buildings.
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PureLine PQ IL / Waste water disinfection prior to discharge to the environment
UV system for the treatment of wastewater with low UVT applications, and can be deployed after clarifiers, sand filters and membranes.
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