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Ultrapure water and reuse water systems are very important in semiconductor factories, which are mainly used for cleaning the production process of semiconductor components. The high-quality requirement of such water against bacteria, Chlorine and TOC, etc. is extremely important for the semiconductor production process.

UV treatment is a very effective process step in the breakdown and reduction of TOC, dechlorination and killing bacteria in the water to create ultrapure water used in microelectronics and semiconductor industries.

Semiconductor & Microelectronics

Product Applications

  • UV de-chlorination before RO
  • UV disinfection before RO and after terminal UF
  • UV TOC reduction in make up and polisher process
  • Process water
  • Water pathogen barrier
  • Waste water disinfection prior to discharge to the environment



TOCLine ECO provides a sustainable solution that supports the growing requirements of companies achieving TOC reduction through low power consumption, while reducing your carbon footprint significantly, and maintaining the highest quality standards in your operations.



Our medium-pressure UV systems can cut down the number of conventional lamps by up to 95%. They also help in reducing operating and maintenance costs by 50% or more, especially in high-volume water treatment processes.


ProLine PQ IL​

A compact medium-pressure range for use where space is tight for small to mid-sized communities. This range offers both USEPA and DVGW validations.


PureLine PQ IL​

PureLine PQ IL provides third-party bioassayed UV treatment for products and process water in the food and beverage sector.


UV in the Microelectronics industry

UV solutions specially designed for your market challenges.

- Fabrication process
- Manufacturing facility
- Wet etching process

Featured Products

TOCLine DT PH / Process water
Ensuring critical processes are protected by the reduction of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water is necessary for the microelectronics industry. The TOCLine helps ensure ultrapure water is delivered throughout the process.
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PureLine PQ IL / Water pathogen barrier
Used specifically at providing third party bioassayed UV disinfection for product and process waters.
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PureLine PQ IL / Wastewater disinfection prior to discharge to the environment
Aimed at ensuring discharge waters meet the highest level of protection before discharge into the environment.
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