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We are the only global innovator offering UV-based solutions for water, surface and air disinfection on a worldwide scale.

Our combined company – Nuvonic – unites these four UV innovators under one name and mission. Halma, the global group of life-saving technology companies, brought together Aquionics, Berson, Hanovia and Orca to further its overarching purpose: to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day. The four companies’ combined products and services offer chemical-free full-facility disinfection through the innovative application of UV technology.

Our mission is to support nature’s purity with science by protecting people and processes from harmful contamination. With our rich and pioneering heritage spanning almost a century, we have the market experience and technological knowledge to develop solutions that solve specific industry problems. As an environmentally conscious organisation, we strive to discover new sectors and applications for our technology.


Our purpose

Our purpose – why we exist and what we believe in. It defines our promise of what we’ll deliver – to protect people and processes from harmful contamination.

Our essence

Our essence is our strapline and our ‘reason for being’. It encapsulates what Nuvonic is and why we’re different. Supporting nature's purity with science.

Our mission

Our mission is the methodology and framework we use to help us achieve our purpose. It is our behaviours, our technology, and how we serve our customers. It encompasses how we intend to make an impact, shifting as we grow and adapt to new markets, societal changes, and customer needs and expectations. Innovating UV technology for a healthier, more sustainable world.


Sustainability is a core part of our existence. Our entire mission revolves around providing sustainable solutions to our customers and thus protect processes, people and the environment from harmful contamination. We operate under Halma's sustainability strategy, making the world a safer, cleaner and healthier place by providing solutions to many of the key challenges facing the world today.

We produce our UV lamps in the UK, in a BREEAM Excellent facility and we are continuously investing in sustainable projects.

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Accreditations & Memberships

We are proud to be accredited by the following bodies.

Our Partners

With nearly a century of experience, we have been operating in the UV market with the help of our trusted partners. Our partnerships are more than just a business relation, they add value to our services, and together, we can provide our customers with optimized solutions to their needs.

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Nuvonic unites four UV innovators – Aquionics, Berson, Hanovia, and Orca under one name and mission. We are part of Halma, the global group of life-saving technology companies. Our purpose is to use innovative UV technology for a safer, cleaner, and healthier world.

Nuvonic is the innovator in sustainable UV technology for water, air and surface disinfection on a global scale. Our mission is to support nature’s purity with science by protecting people and processes from harmful contamination.

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