Industrial and municipal reuse water

Reusing water, also known as recycling water or reclamation, recovers water from a number of sources, cleans it up, and then utilises it for industrial operations, environmental restoration, agriculture and irrigation, potable water supply, groundwater replenishment, and other beneficial applications.


Product Applications

  • Reuse municipal
  • Greenhouse irrigation
  • Water pathogen barrier



Using open channel, low pressure, high output UV amalgam lamps, the OpenLine destroys microorganisms’ reproductive abilities on a cellular level. Treated effluent is free of residual chemicals and can be safely passed into the environment, without the risk of pollution.


ProLine WW IL​

The ProLine WW IL are compact medium-pressure lamp systems and are intended as a cost-effective treatment for less critical applications where there is no risk to people or the food chain. For more critical applications we recommend our reuse range.


Proline PQ WW IL​

The ProLine PQ WW IL are compact medium-pressure lamp systems and have been validated by a third party to the NWRI standard across a wide range of dose, flow and UVT parameters.


ProLine PQ WW AL​

Our ProLine PQ WW AL UV systems are low-energy, amalgam lamp systems optimised to deliver effective UV treatment for wastewater reuse.



DVGW certification range aimed specifically at providing UV treatment for municipal drinking water. The flow and UV sensor values are monitored to ensure that the dose is always at least 40mJ/cm².


ProLine PQ IL​

A compact medium-pressure range for use where space is tight for small to mid-sized communities. This range offers both USEPA and DVGW validations.


UV in Reuse water industry

UV solutions specially designed for your market challenges

- Landscape irrigation
- Groundwater supply
- Environmental restoration

Featured Products

ProLine PQ WW IL / Water pathogen barrier
A range of compact medium-pressure products for wastewater and reuse water disinfection.
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ProLine PQ AL / Water pathogen barrier
Validated UV systems optimised to deliver effective UV treatment for reuse and drinking water.
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