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Ensure the highest standards of sustainability, purity and cleanliness. At Nuvonic, we harness UV’s strength and efficiency to provide chemical-free processes for purification and cleanliness across water, surface and air. We are a long-time partner and provider of UV disinfection applications for a range of sectors.

With our global reach and regional sales and service hubs, we support our customers close to the sites where you operate, from online technical support to on-site delivery and service. Whether your business is industrial or municipal, our innovative UV products and solutions can meet your unique market challenges for today, tomorrow and beyond.

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Food & Beverage​

Product Range: PureLine, UVPro Air, UVPro Surface, UVPro Water​

Food contamination and quality management remain the biggest challenge in the food and beverage industry. This affects the entire distribution chain, particularly food manufacturing and processing operations. As one of the main industries our UV solutions focus on, our product ranges have a great variety of applications, not just for water treatment, but also for air and surface treatment.

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Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare​

Product Range: PharmaLine, UVPro Air, UVPro Surface​

Hospital and pharmaceutical environments are extremely sensitive to bacterial exposure. We offer the PharmaLine range and air and surface products designed for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. UV solutions protect your processes and products from harmful bacteria, viruses, and chlorine, without relying on chemicals.

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Building services​

Product Range: ProLine, PureLine, UVPro Air, UVPro Surface​

To maintain a healthy environment, every building requires clean air, surfaces, and water supplies. Our comprehensive facility services address these needs and guarantee a hygienic space, free from harmful bacteria and viruses.

As an effective microbial control solution, our optimized UV solution delivers reliable water security for buildings’ water supply. Purpose-built systems can harbor Legionella bacteria and biofilms. These include cooling towers, evaporative condensers and hot and cold water systems.

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Semiconductor & Microelectronics​

Product Range: TOCLine​

In semiconductor factories, ultrapure water and reuse water is crucial in the cleaning process of semiconductor components during production. UV treatment can reduce TOC, remove chlorine, and eliminate bacteria in water. The microelectronics and semiconductor industries widely use ultrapure water created through this process.

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Power & Energy​

Product Range: TOCLine​

The demineralized water system is a crucial part of thermal power facilities. However, managing residual chlorine has become difficult due to the use of ultrafiltration membranes, RO membranes, and EDI devices. UV solutions protect the desalination process from harmful contamination, without the use of chemicals. Microbes, chlorine, and total organic carbon can all cause contamination.

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Drinking water​

Product Range: ProLine​

Our ProLine Drinking Water UV solutions protect against harmful bacteria and viruses. Purifying contaminants in our water can prevent the cause of gastrointestinal disease, reproductive problems, and neurological illnesses.

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Product Range: ProLine and OpenLine​

As urbanization and water stress continue to rise, there is a growing demand for tertiary treatment and disinfection of wastewater. It is crucial to consider the sensitivity of the environment when discharging wastewater. UV technology is a better option than chlorination for treating and disinfecting wastewater.

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Reuse water​

Product Range: ProLine and OpenLine​

UV is becoming more popular as a reliable alternative to Chlorination, which can create harmful by-products. UV solutions provide significant benefits, particularly, where the discharge of wastewater occurs. Environmentally-sensitive areas can be protected or the reuse of the water can be ensured for critical purposes.

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Product Range: RasLine and MarineLine​

Nuvonic provides UV technology to ensure a chemical-free disinfection process to control fish diseases and manage the environmental impact.

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Pools & Leisure​

Product Range: UV Swim and SwimLine​

Our UV Swim and SwimLine ranges have been providing bather protection in the leisure industry for over 30 years. UV system serves as a secondary disinfection method in this industry. It effectively removes Chloramines, making it the perfect complement for a pool that uses chlorine.

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Product Range: MarineLine​

With the MarineLine range, you can ensure the safety of your passengers and crew while also protecting the environment. We use an optimized UV solution that effectively eliminates harmful contamination from bacteria and viruses, without resorting to chemicals. This solution is also great for ballast water treatment, as it provides reliable water security while being environmentally friendly.

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Full facility disinfection​

Product Range: All product ranges​

Our complete facility system allows building owners and stakeholders to improve water supply, maintain internal air quality, and ensure surface hygiene, all for the purpose of protecting public health.

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Nuvonic is the innovator in sustainable UV technology for water, air and surface disinfection on a global scale. Our mission is to support nature’s purity with science by protecting people and processes from harmful contamination.

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