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Elevating Food Safety with UV-C Disinfection
Myth: Human-Caused Contamination and Solutions. UV disinfection in the food industry plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of food borne illnesses by effectively controlling and eliminating harmful bacteria.
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The Differences Between Medium-Pressure and Low-Pressure UV Technology
UV manufacturers use medium and low pressure to refer to the gas pressure inside the lamp, not the system operating pressure in the pipework. Both technologies can handle system operating pressures equally.
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Driving Innovation in Water Filtration: The Power of UV-Based Solutions
With the growing awareness of environmental impact, consumers are increasingly seeking water filtration products that are eco-friendly and minimize waste.
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UV Disinfection Systems Protect Against Waterborne Pathogens – Public Events
UV Disinfection Systems Protect Against Waterborne Pathogens.
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Water Process Flow – More Than Just Gallons per Minute
When selecting a UV water treatment system, the water process flow is one of the most important factors to consider. The flow rate determines the amount of water treated in a given period.
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PharmaLine PQ Validated UV Disinfection for Pharmaceutical Applications
Discover PharmaLine PQ, the trusted UV disinfection system tailored for pharmaceutical settings. Validated for effectiveness, this cutting-edge technology ensures sterile and contamination-free environments, safeguarding pharmaceutical product quality and compliance with industry standards.
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The Benefits and Challenges of Automating UV Water Treatment Systems
Connecting a UV system to other equipment occasionally yields the intended outcome, but in certain scenarios, it may result in an adverse effect.
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What To Do if your UV Lamp Breaks
Ultraviolet (UV) light is a crucial component of water disinfection systems. UV lamps generate light by vaporizing elemental mercury, making it an effective way to eliminate harmful microorganisms from water. However, in rare cases, a UV lamp might break, releasing mercury into the surrounding fluid, resulting in a health risk, which is why proper procedures to minimize the impact of a broken UV lamp are vital.
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