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Advancing Global Efforts for Sustainable Wastewater Reuse with UV Treatment in the Process Industry
New regulations and technologies are emerging, offering opportunities for more sustainable water recycling and wastewater treatment.
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Embrace a Greener Future with Our ECO Range UV System
In a world where environmental concerns are paramount, innovative solutions that prioritize sustainability have become a necessity. One such groundbreaking solution is the ECO UV System – a technological marvel that not only ensures effective disinfection but also contributes to a cleaner, greener planet.
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Nuvonic Highlights UV Technology's Role in Aiding Global Water Reuse
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Re-thinking the global challenge of water scarcity
Guest blog post for Water Online, Companies Impact page. By Rob Lewis, Divisional Chief Executive of Environmental & Analysis, Halma
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Nuvonic Launches Innovative UV Solutions for Enhanced Water Treatment
Nuvonic, a global UV technology solutions provider, has launched three innovative UV solutions designed to enhance water treatment processes.
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The Importance of a Properly Validated UV Water Treatment System
UV radiation effectively disinfects water, especially in the 200-280 nm wavelength range. However, it is crucial to have a properly validated UV water treatment system to ensure its reliability and accuracy.
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Wastewater Treatment and Discharge: Understanding the Regulations and Techniques
Wastewater treatment has become an essential element of environmental and public health. The past 50 years have significantly changed how water is recycled and treated. This process helps maintain the health of the environment and humans alike.
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Water Reuse for Sustainability
Reusing water saves energy, money and resources. Explore non-membrane based treatment processes for a cost efficient project.
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Nuvonic is the innovator in sustainable UV technology for water, air and surface disinfection on a global scale. Our mission is to support nature’s purity with science by protecting people and processes from harmful contamination.

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