Nuvonic Highlights UV Technology's Role in Aiding Global Water Reuse


As governments and businesses focus on a ‘Water-Wise World’ during World Water Week, Nuvonic, a global UV technology solutions provider, emphasizes the significance of Ultraviolet (UV) treatment in driving global water reuse.

Water resources face mounting pressure, resulting in water scarcity and declining quality. Climate change, unpredictable weather patterns, and drought are major contributors to the strain on freshwater availability. Compounded by urban development and agricultural activities.

The European Union’s implementation of wide-ranging standards for agricultural water reuse in July has created new opportunities for sustainable water recycling. Similarly, onsite water reuse systems are now required for new, large development projects in San Francisco.

Water treatment using UV light technology is a practical and cost-effective solution for enabling safe water reuse. UV-C, a high-powered form of UV light, destroys a minimum of 99.99% of microbes without adding any chemicals. As a result, the UV disinfection equipment market is projected to grow from $5 billion in 2022 to an estimated $9.1 billion by 2027.

“New water reuse regulations present a pivotal opportunity to drive sustainable wastewater reuse on a global scale,” said Ken Kershner, Global Commercial Director, Nuvonic. “As the world unites to create a Water-Wise World, Nuvonic remains committed to partnering with businesses and governments to driving global water reuse through UV technology, fostering sustainable practices that ensure a secure and resilient water future.”

Nuvonic’s experts work closely with municipal and industrial customers to harness the potential of UV treatment, offering environmental advantages by eliminating harmful contaminants without chemicals, ensuring public health protection and safeguarding ecosystems.


Nuvonic is the innovator in sustainable UV technology for water, air and surface disinfection on a global scale. Our mission is to support nature’s purity with science by protecting people and processes from harmful contamination.

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