Water Reuse Made Possible by UV Technology

Aquionics UV systems produce significant energy and maintenance savings for the City of Silverton wastewater treatment plant.


UV Disinfection Technology Treats One Million Gallons of Wastewater Per Day For Reuse in Award-winning Botanical Garden Irrigation Project.

The facility collects all the residential, commercial, and industrial wastewater produced by the city. The treated effluent then irrigates a nearby garden in a project that has won a national award.

The Silverton Wastewater Treatment Plant uses several traditional wastewater treatment technologies. These include: secondary treatment by activated sludge, clarification, and UV disinfection. The city’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit has strict standards for water treatment and discharge. It conducts over 3,100 tests yearly on wastewater throughout the treatment process to ensure they meet the standards.

Landscape irrigation

Treated effluent from the plant is reused for landscape irrigation at Oregon Garden, a beautiful 80-acre botanical garden.

Up to one million gallons per day of treated effluent from the plant is reused for landscape irrigation at the nearby Oregon Garden, a beautiful 80-acre botanical garden. This is a popular visitor attraction for locals and tourists. The wetlands formed by the treated water are a habitat for various wildlife and plants. Any treated effluent not required by Oregon Garden is returned to the local receiving stream, Silver Creek.

Since the plant opened in 1999, Aquionics systems have successfully provided UV treatment in line with regulatory requirements. In 2018, the city’s public works department opted to upgrade the UV disinfection technology at the plant. To do so, they installed two Aquionics InLine 16000+ municipal UV systems. Their greater energy efficiency compared to the previous systems, which had been in place for almost 20 years, will reduce costs by nearly $9000 annually. In addition, the enhanced chemical cleaning system of the new equipment will cut maintenance time by between 50 and 75 percent.


The Inline 16000+ UV systems

The InLine 16000+ UV systems contain 12 medium-pressure UV lamps. They are designed to produce a three-log reduction of E. coli and achieve 126 E. Coli/100 ml discharge requirement. The systems were installed in existing piping with minimal modifications, allowing for an easy upgrade and retrofit. The new UV systems offer a power turn-down from 100 percent to 35 percent, helping to optimize energy consumption.

The systems include the Ultrawipe™ chemical assisted cleaning mechanism, which enhances standard mechanical cleaning by injecting a small amount of fresh acid into each quartz sleeve during the wiping process. The quartz sleeves’ fouling is reduced, thus eliminating the need to perform manual cleaning. Aquionics personnel performed on-site support for the upgraded systems, providing certification regarding the equipment and set-up.

Meeting treatment standards

“Meeting strict water treatment standards requires reliable disinfection technology. The Aquionics UV systems have been providing this since the facility opened.” – said Brad Jensen, lead operator at the Silverton Wastewater Treatment Plant.

“The new energy-efficient Aquionics systems provide peace of mind when meeting requirements but also significant energy and maintenance savings.



At the 2018 national WateReuse Symposium held in Austin, Texas, the City of Silverton’s reuse project was named the Community Water Champion Award winner.

The award recognizes utilities or local government organizations that showcase exemplary water reuse projects, systems or facilities that demonstrate the value of water reuse to their communities.

To learn how the latest UV disinfection technology can improve water and wastewater treatment within your operation, visit the municipal wastewater section of this website.

Date 01/09/2023


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