The Hidden Cost Associated with Owning a Chlorinated Pool

UV disinfection systems are the future of pool maintenance and offer numerous benefits over traditional chlorine systems.


All of us are familiar with the “chlorine” smell of a swimming pool. In reality, it is not the chlorine but the chloramine that we smell in the pool air.

Are you aware of the consequences of using chlorine in your swimming pool? Chlorine is a common chemical to kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms, but it can also significantly impact pool users and the pool infrastructure. The chemical reaction between chlorine and ammonia in swimmers’ sweat and other bodily fluids forms chloramines, which can cause skin irritation, eye irritation, and even swimming pool asthma.

But that is not all. Chloramines are highly corrosive in nature and can have a significant impact on pool equipment, leading to costly replacements and repairs. This article highlights the hidden costs of owning a chlorinated pool and why pool operators are moving towards UV light-based disinfection systems.

The Effects of Chloramines on Pool Users and Equipment

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Managing Chloramines in Swimming Pools

To minimize the impact of chloramines, pool owners and operators employ various techniques, including:

The Hidden Costs of Chlorinated Pools

While these steps are simple, they can add up to a significant sum of money annually, especially for commercial pool facilities. The sudden increases in swimmer populations during peak times further increase operational expenses. The costs associated with peripheral damage to pool equipment, such as pool cleaning vacuums, pool lights, pool heaters, and building structural elements, are often ignored but can add up over time.

The Benefits of UV Light-Based Disinfection Systems

To address these hidden costs, pool operators are turning towards UV light-based disinfection systems. Specifically, UVC energy (between 200-280 nm) is highly effective in breaking down the chloramine molecule. UV light is already well-known for its antimicrobial effects and its ability to kill chlorine-resistant bacteria, such as Cryptosporidium.



UV disinfection systems are the future of pool maintenance and offer numerous benefits over traditional chlorine systems. By switching to UV disinfection systems, pool owners can enjoy a safer, healthier, and more cost-effective swimming experience. It is important to consult a professional pool service provider to determine your pool’s best UV disinfection system, based on its size, type, and water chemistry.

Date 01/02/2023


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