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Nuvonic UV Systems Gain NVI Approval, Enhancing Aquaculture Biosecurity Worldwide
After rigorous testing to meet strict aquaculture biosecurity standards, these now fall under the 'RASline' banner.
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Today’s Technology Can Protect Shrimp from Harmful Diseases
Alongside UV treatment, safeguarding against WSSV involves sterilizing tools, quarantining new arrivals, and responsible disposal of infected shrimp. These actions collectively mitigate the virus's influence on shrimp populations.
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Water Quality is Key to Successful Fish Farming
Fish farming, or aquaculture, refers to raising fish in controlled environments, such as tanks or ponds. This method of fish production has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the increasing global demand for fish and fish products.
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Protecting Crustacean Farming From Viruses
UV technology is a secure and effective method for cultivating fish, crustaceans, and shellfish, protecting broodstock, larvae, and fry, and maintaining a healthy environment.
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Nuvonic is the innovator in sustainable UV technology for water, air and surface disinfection on a global scale. Our mission is to support nature’s purity with science by protecting people and processes from harmful contamination.

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