UVC water disinfection in humidifiers and cooling towers

The University of Wuppertal has installed a UVC disinfection system from UVpro in its cooling tower and was able to achieve high savings.


In water storage tanks, drip trays and the reservoirs of humidifiers and cooling towers, disinfection devices such as UV immersion systems ensure safe, hygienic water and tank surfaces, and prevent the formation of biofilms. The risk of legionella in open water tanks and spray systems can be effectively controlled. Installing the system directly into the liquid uses the UV power in two ways: the water passing through the system is disinfected with each circulation, and then the continuous irradiation of the surfaces inside the water containers prevents the build-up of biofilms. 

UVpro TS immersion emitter 

The immersion emitters of the UVpro TS device series are specially designed for this type of application and can also be subsequently integrated into existing systems by means of very simple mounting. The units are completely made of stainless steel and comply with protection class IP68. The water experiences a significant germ reduction with each circulation, the formation and distribution of legionella by the air washer is prevented. 

For use in paint shops, silicones are not used in the manufacture of the devices. The paint compatibility was confirmed in a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation. 

The distribution of germs via the air washer as well as biofilm formation inside the tank is prevented. 
High savings potential through elimination of chemicals

Installation of a UVC system in the cooling tower of the University of Wuppertal 

The University of Wuppertal has installed a UVC disinfection system from UVpro in its cooling tower. Subject of the installation are 10 immersion emitter units UVpro TS 40 as well as a monitoring module UVC-Line 8 with main switch. The investment of the plant amounts to 9,370€ incl. units, tubes, monitoring module and installation. 

The purpose of the installation is the elimination of biofilms in the tank as well as the disinfection effect on the cooling water. The formation and distribution of legionella through the air washer is to be prevented. The use of UVC should also make it possible to dispense with chemicals for cleaning the system in the future and save costs in the long term. 

“I am very satisfied with the system. Since putting the system into operation, all samples have been without any findings, Legionella and CFU have always been below the detection limit. Your UVC system is a perfect fit for my cooling tower.“ 

Joachim Conrad, Department Manager of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wuppertal 

The overall result of the installation is very positive. Since commissioning, no germs have been detected in the water. The use of chemicals, which cost around €7,000 per year to procure, has been completely eliminated 

Taking into account the life cycle of a UVC tube and the associated costs of a tube replacement after 12,000 operating hours, approx. 5,600 € can be saved annually. The system pays for itself after about 1.5 – 2 years. 

All germ counts have been below the detection limit since the system was put into operation.

Date 10/03/2023


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